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Arctic Guardian 

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Arctic Guardian 

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Who We Are

Arctic Guardian Inc, is a 501(c)3 organization, formed in 2020 by James Drayton in support of Alaska Military and Law Enforcement Personnel.


Our mission is to proactively support those who we, as a society, rely on to be our best, when the situation is at its worst. 


Our organization supports the uniformed services of Alaska by funding equipment and training that would otherwise be cut from the operational plan due to fiscal restraints. This is made possible by a grass-roots effort to maintain a dialogue with the leaders of our Military and Law Enforcement units. Once a need has been identified Arctic Guardian works diligently with civilians and companies across Alaska that want to ensure those who are called on in times of conflict and crisis; are well trained, equipped and supported.


While the identification and vetting of needs can be arduous, one method has become a welcome tradition:

The Arctic Guardian Military/Law Enforcement Marksmanship Competition.


Each June we gather near Talkeetna Alaska to sponsor an event that promotes unity, fellowship and collaboration between units... with a touch of good-natured rivalry. The single day marksmanship competition also serves as a detailed assessment for Commanders and Supervisors allowing them to gauge the proficiency of their units. The raw scores are kept confidential but remain available to command staff to help identify  training opportunities to improve mission readiness.

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Participating Organizations

Over the past 3 years, interest in the organization has grown from an initial 7 teams representing 5 Law Enforcement and Military agencies in 2020 to the current 31 teams registered and representing:

  • Anchorage, Alaska Police Department

  • Valdez, Alaska Police Department

  • Volusia, Florida Sheriff’s Department

  • Wasilla, Alaska Police Department

  • Alaska Army National Guard

  • Alaska Air National Guard

  • Alaska Department of Corrections

  • Alaska State Defense Forces

  • Alaska State Troopers

  • FBI

  • US Army

  • US Air Force

  • US Marines

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